Customized Solutions is our Core,
3 ways to full fill your needs.

Rent a Resource

Clients who have a “Hard Project Scope”, and a “Project Manager” our resources are the best fit for them.

How it works:

Companies and Clients who have established and mature IT department and just looking for programmers and developers, MiSoft Solutions provide services of dedicated computer language programmers, developers, coders and tester.

Under this program our clients are using dedicated software programmers which are full time or part time available to work with the client’s projects.

MiSoft Solution has trained and professional human recourses available in all major areas of IT. Design and development of Database for MS SQL Server or mySQL with the combination of .NET Technologies including ASP, VB, C##, JAVA, HTML and others. Based on client’s requirements we can dedicate resources with different experience levels. For a long term or a short term requirement for just content management we have experts that can work with you on Jumla, Wordpress, Drupal and other platforms that you may have.

One of the high demand area for established organizations has been into long and short term human resource requirement for reporting and Data intelligence. Misoft Solution has a great expertise in providing dedicated report developers for Business intelligence reports. Our professionals has hours and hours of working experience with multiple reporting and BI tools including crystal reports, SRRS, dashboard system and more.

e-commerce and online order processing has been a challenge for online retailers, distributors and subscription based business. A full time or a part time human resource can take lot of the daily website management tasks away. We offer dedicated programmers with a vision of e-commerce for all platforms and market places including, Magneto, nope-commerce, salesforce and etc.

Misoft Solutions offers Human Resource expertise in following areas of software development:

  • C, C++, C Sharp or C#
  • ASP, ASP.NET, MVC, Web Forms
  • Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro, MS Access
  • MS SQL Server, mySQL Server, Oracle
  • Crystal Report, SSRS, RDLC

Project Out Source

Clients who have a “Soft Project Scope”, and “No In-house Project Manager” We manage the software development life cycle.

How it works:

Companies and Clients who has a sketch or a raw design of a solution, they have identified the process and needs. May have a staff member who handels IT and they have done some research about the tools and techniques they may be using.

Need expertise to convert the sketch into a real design, development and implementation. Misoft does that all for them. In this phase we start with the existing data sheets and process.

Complete Consulting

Automation and efficiency, Clients who are looking for the ways to improve process, increase productivity and better IT Solutions. We follow the goal of the organization and develop solutions by analyzing and developing process, business intelligence and all other factors impacting a Goal.

How it works:

At Misoft Solutions we understand business growth, is a combination of vision, strategy, infrastructure and team. We look at Focus, Process and technology as the wheels of growth.

We look deep into the ultimate bottom line of our clients need and its goals. We understand a chain effect of a change, our objective is create a balance among productivity, efficiency, profitability and cost of a solution.

Misoft Solutions consulting services starts looking at the goals of a client, analyzing the process in place and technology used to implement those process.

The current era of technology is full of solutions, which one fits exactly if there is any, or which one fits the best is our specialty. Which off-the-shelf solution is a most fit or a customized software solution will perform as required.

Business Intelligence (BI) systems, ERP, CRM, e-commerce or just a GL, picking one readymade OR customize, its a very serious question with long term results.

Our Working experience of a physical product development life cycle to distribution, warranty and reverse logistics, help us develop process with IT and software that deliver results and satisfy clients.